Feature documentary, U.S. runtime 75:00 2019 English (also available in french subtitles)

At 96, Al Milgrom is the world’s oldest emerging filmmaker. With three movies in production, we have to wonder- can he finish?

A poet, a polka band, a counter culture revolution, and a journey behind the Iron Curtain–all subjects for the world’s oldest emerging independent filmmaker. A Work In Progress: Albert Milgrom’s Cinema Journey follows this cinema pioneer as he reconstitutes his unreleased 1959 documentary, Russian Journey. Milgrom’s rare and beautiful footage provides a glimpse into the historic thaw in U.S.-Soviet relations and reveals the ties that still connect these two divergent worlds 60 years after he started shooting the movie. Meanwhile Milgrom tries to meet a festival deadline with a polka documentary that he began in 1974, and he’s still shooting. He’s also working on a film about the poet John Berryman. While juggling films, Milgrom takes us through his personal film and audio archive, uncovering rare interviews with filmmakers Andrei Tarkovsky, Jean Luc Godard and an unknown filmmaker in 1970- Martin Scorsese. From his earliest memories during the silent film era, serving in WWII, a half century running an independent film festival, and finally an emerging filmmaker, Al Milgrom has only begun.